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107 Back to the Future Facts You Should Know 

Frederator Studios / Cinematica

David P. Levin - Director, Writer, Editor

"Okay, I admit it.  I love Back to the Future.  So when Frederator Studios asked if I wanted to produce this frothy feature for YouTube, it was a labor of love.  So far, it's garnered more than 1 million views!" David Levin


BrainStorm Inc. / Next New Networks

David P. Levin - Executive Producer

Next New Networks was an ambitious startup in the mid-2000's, which was eventually acquired by YouTube. The company launched a dozen networks including Fast Lane Daily, Barely Political and Indy Mogul.  A life-long comic book fan, David Levin was hired to launch the world's first comic book network, Pulp Secret.

Pop Goes The Culture

BrainStorm, Inc.

David P. Levin - Executive Producer / Creator

These days, if you don't have your own talk show, you just aren't trying.  David Levin produces and hosts this celebrity talk show, featuring in-depth interviews with some of pop culture's iconic stars.

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